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phil_map2.jpgEscrima/Kali/Arnis are all the same names for the indigenous fighting arts of the Philippines.  The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are composed of fighting techniques that involve the use of weapons such as: swords, knives, sticks and empty hand. Filipino martial arts developed as early as Filipinos struggled against nature, wild animals and their fellow men. The Philippine archipelago is composed of 7107 Islands and is well situated in south east Asia and has always been sought after because of it’s strategic location for trade, commerce and war. This is why Filipino martial arts are rich and varied because of it’s interactions with various cultures, friendly and hostile.

The Islands of the Philippines are rich in natural resources desired by many. Because of the need to defend themselves against neighboring hostile tribes, invaders and oppressors, the natives of these Islands developed systems of fighting, according to their needs. These systems are the roots of the many different styles of Filipino martial arts, unique to each region.

Lightning Scientific Arnis
is a Filipino Martial Art (FMA) from the Island of Panay founded by the late Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema in 1937. It was a synthesis of the different techniques informally practiced throughout the Island and incorporates the techniques of  Tercia, Serrada, Cadenilla and espada y daga with the use of: single stick, double stick, stick/sword and dagger, knives, empty hand etc… This is an “espada y daga serrada” system (from Spanish- sword/stick and dagger) it’s main principle is fighting out of the opponent’s line of sight (Serrada) and focuses on the power generation and speed of the weapon.

LSAIsrael is a lightning club founded in 2008 by Master Jon Escudero and Neta Shermister, in Israel. Master Jon is one of the last people to learn directly under and be graded by the late Grandmaster in the Philippines. LSAIsrael’s goal is to bring authentic Filipino martial arts with a traditional core and a modern mindset. 

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