Testimonial on the classes


 My initial attraction to Lightning Scientific Arnis was a result of both my desire to know more about the Philippine Culture and my appreciation of the beauty inherent in this deadly art. Although these two things compelled me to try the class, it was a number of other factors which influenced my decision to continue training in the art.

The energy of the classes in Lightning Scientific Arnis is different from any other classes I have attended. While other martial arts schools may be too strict, relaxed or intimidating, LSAI classes create a positive atmosphere which is warm and welcoming yet at the same time all the students understand that there is a task to be completed. Apart from this, I enjoy Arnis because at the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished something and feel much more confident in the skills I have learned and at the same time I'm able to see what other skills I need to improve.
Lightning Scientific Arnis has given me a feeling that I am part of something meaningful and each day I go to class, not only am I excited to take part in whatever lessons Master Jon Escudero has planned for the day but also I look forward to training with all the other people in the class that make the experience so great.

Angelo Garcia

Ramat Gan, Israel

June 14, 2010


  Testimonial on a seminar

 e.jpg  I found Jon to be an unorthodox yet a lively and engaging instructor. His movements are graceful, fluid-like, and deceptively deadly. Jon's demonstrations are interspersed with humorous anecdotes that allow students to relax and be able to identify and relate to him.

Jon is a very hands-on instructor with limitless patience and empathy- his students from the seminar appreciated the personal interest that he took in them whether or not they were affiliated with LSAI/LESKAS. I know that they also appreciated being told what they were doing right as opposed to being told what they were doing wrong.

What I like the most about Jon is that he lives to just train and propagate the art. Jon carries none of the self-importance and sense of entitlement that is usually associated with the rank and title of "Master". Jon's tireless endeavor to promote LSAI and LESKAS across the globe is definitely something to aspire to- he does it honor of Grandmaster Ben Lema Luna and Grandmaster Elmer Ybanez, our founders. Jon's tenacity, integrity, and sincerity is an inspiration to us all.

Ethel Padua,
Seattle, WA, USA
April 7th, 2010




  Testimonial on a seminar


Thank you Jon so much for the special training for the leading instuctors of the KAPAP training and also for the training you did at the other dojo! It was amazing to see you with these sticks and knife training. Your knife concept was very unique and I enjoyed learning this new ideas from you

I never saw in 4 hours people... who don't know to hold a stick look like they have such ability in such a short time

Also as a person, you are very kind and have good character and I am happy to call you a friend. I was so impressed and I hope to see you again soon. You have a beautiful talent

Avry Gottesmann

Tokyo, Japan

October 2010



  Testimonial on the classes


How Jon's lightning Arnis made me a new man

I first came across FMA in an online video clip showing the use of knives. Since I find gyms to be boring I decided to pursue my interest in blade weapons.

While trying to research some information about Arnis I accidently reached Neta shermister's phone. Neta, calmly and patiently, listened to my many questions and replied to them all them as many as they were.

Arriving at a trial lesson I couldn’t help but be surprised by what I encountered. When I first met Jon I couldn’t help noticing he was unlike any other teacher I have met. There was a calm, relaxed air to him and I couldn’t help feel he is easy to trust. I soon learned Jon surrounds himself with people and students of the same kind. A happy bunch of mostly native English speaking, fun loving, friendly and helpful students who were all treated as friends as much as pupils. The obvious lack of aggressive competitiveness made fitting in very easy and eventually formed a long lasting friendship spanning the entire group.

 Jon's teachings reached me in a way few teachers (of different subjects) could. He is patient, easy to understand and easily fits the drills to every student's needs. He is also easy to follow, fun to listen to and yet keeps you on your toes when you get to crunch time.

 Today, two years later, I find I am a new man. I am in more in shape. I feel happier and more confident. I finally got to build up some muscle tone and I've vastly improved my stamina, dexterity, speed, agility, coordination and even the use of my left weaker hand. 

At this point in life I cannot see myself ever not training in general or giving up on Jon's schooling in the future.

 So thank you, Jon, for making me the person I am today. For being a teacher, an educator, a leader and most of all - a friend. And thank you, Neta, for bringing this wonder of a mentor to us.

Pugay to you both,


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